Labor & Employment Information Page Updates

To better familiarize readers with the contents of our “Ohio HR Law” blog, we would like to elaborate on the information available to you with just a click of your mouse! “Ohio HR Law” is a blog maintained by the members of Benesch’s Labor & Employment Practice Group. The Labor & Employment Practice Group is dedicated to providing a full range of services to clients on a national basis. The attorneys in this group have the experience, skills and commitment to client service that your business needs to minimize the risks inherent in today’s workplace. We strive to be actively involved with our clients, as we recognize that proactive, preventive maintenance can help avoid costly litigation.

As an extension of these goals, we will provide valuable updates on the latest happenings in labor, workplace and human resources law. These posts will appear on the “Ohio HR Law” homepage. Furthermore, we will be posting various presentations, bulletins, articles and Benesch B-casts (videocasts) as additional resources. This collateral can be found under the “Labor & Employment Information” tab. We will create a new post accordingly each time new information becomes available to direct you to the page.

Feel free to check out all that is available to you! We look forward to keeping you informed and up-to-date!

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