Benesch/AvatarFleet Webinar: Hiring Drivers & Employers’ Abilities to use Criminal Background Checks

EEOC Versus FMCSA:  No One Wins, But You Don’t Have to Lose.

Recently, the EEOC provided enforcement guidance regarding policies on hiring convicted felons. Benesch and AvatarFleet have teamed up to help you walk the fine line as the government sends the industry somewhat mixed messages.  After attending this webinar, you’ll better understand the latest rulings and how they affect your business.  Most importantly, you’ll learn specific strategies to overcome these divergent governmental perspectives so you can avoid expensive claims of discrimination.  Benesch is a leading authority on transportation law with 75 years of expertise in labor and employment.  AvatarFleet exists to make the world a safer place and provides the industry with best-practice solutions, solving the age-old driver problem.

Join Mark Gardner, CEO of Avatar Fleet and Mark Waterfill, Partner in Benesch’s Labor & Employment Practice Group as they discuss these issues.

Monday, November 11, 2013
11:00 a.m. – noon

Please contact Michael Montagna to register at mmontagna@beneschlaw.com or (216) 363-4196.

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